Agile and Scrum Masterclass

Module 1

Introduction to Course

Module 2

What is Agile software development?

Module 3

What is the Product?

Module 4

The Three Pillars of Empiricism

Module 5

Scrum Framework

Module 6

Scrum time boxing, Scrum Events, and more…

Module 7

The Theme, Epics, User Stories, and Tasks

Module 8

Scrum Artifacts

Module 9

Definition of Ready, Definition of Done, and Acceptance criteria

Module 10

Introduction to Evidence-Based Management 2020

Module 11

Scrum Certification

Module 12

Your first job as a Product owner — where to start?

Module 13

Plan and Execute the perfect Sprints

Module 14

The Transition from Traditional to Agile

Module 15

Recap and Last Words

BONUS Module 16

Testing Mastery in Agile and Scrum

BONUS Module 17

The Scrum in Real Life




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